Cookin’ with a CrookNeck…..

May 25, 2011

I’m not talkin’ bout wakin’ up and makin’ some breakfast after a rough nights sleep.  I’m talkin’ bout gettin’ some fresh CROOKNECK squash and makin’ the best squash casserole you’ll ever eat!


I usually cook up some fresh 1/2 runner beans to go with the Cornbread, (made with Logan Turnpike Buttermilk Cornbread mix), but this time I just went with the Sunrise Squash Casserole and only the Cornbread as a side.  Whenever I start making my frequent trips to the market and bringing back fresh squash I can’t wait to get home to throw this in the oven! – this is always my go to recipe.  Now if you are on a diet, go to the top right section of your computer screen and hit the red X cause this one is not for you…  Sorry, you’re missin’ out here.


First, start off by going to Sunrise Grocery to get the goods you need!  The list would include 2lbs of Crookneck yellow squash, 1 lg onion, our local farm raised eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream,  milk, our fresh Mountain Butter, ritz crackers, 1 oz package of the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix, 1 1/2 cups of our Black Wax Hoop Cheese, and some fresh bread crumbs.  Now its time to throw a towel over your left shoulder ( my signature move) and get to cookin’!

I start off by cuttin’ my squash about nickel thick and then saute them with a cup of chopped onions in a tablespoon of Mountain Butter.  While you have that going on, slightly beat 2 fresh eggs in a large bowl.  Add 1/2 cup mayo,  1/2 cup of sour cream, 3/4 cup of milk, 20 crushed Ritz crackers, Hidden Vally Ranch Dressing Mix, and then the 1 1/2 cups of Hoop Cheese to the eggs.  Mix all these ingredients well.  Once the squash and onions are tender, fold them into your other ingredients.


Pour ingredients into a 2 qt casserole dish then cover with bread crumbs.  Once you have done this cut butter and place on top of the bread crumbs

Put the casserole into oven that has been pre-heated to 350 degrees for 50 minutes.

Now you are ready for some good eating.  I always cook the Buttermilk

Cornbread after the casserole is out of the oven.  The Sunrise Squash Casserole is

still molten lava hot when the cornbread is ready!

I hope you enjoy this recipe!  I will do a series called “Sunrise in the Skillet”

every so often.  I love to cook and I love to share, so this should work out well for me.


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