What Are You Doing This Saturday?

June 18, 2011

“Ol Larry” dips up the World Famous Sunrise Grocery Boiled P-Nuts

One of the best things about our week is going to the Union County Farmer’s Market.  Every Saturday morning at 7am, you’ll find us hanging out at the market with delicious produce, roasted peanuts, and those “Jawja bulled p-nuts” that have made us pretty famous around these parts.

What we love most about going to the Farmer’s Market is getting out and meeting all these great people.  Some are locals, some are here on vacation, and some have just moved to our neck of the woods and they’re so darn happy to be here!  (And we know why– We’re blessed to live here too!)

You’ll usually find “Ol’ Larry,” as Ava has affectionately named him, boiling up the peanuts and slicin’ peaches and cantaloupe for customers and friends to try.  The kids even love to come, especially Ian and Ava, because there is always something new to explore at the market each week.

Ava and Ian love the Farmer’s Market!

There’s always a great assortment of goodies at the Market, and you’ll be treated to fresh, homegrown produce when you come.  Our friends at Logan Turnpike Mill are always there selling their delicious homemade bread and seasonal yummies like Strawberry Shortcake!  Our good friends Kenley and Paula Jean Redditt of the Country Smokehouse have the tastiest beef jerky around and they’re also usually at the market catching up with friends.

Jason and Anna compete in watermelon eating contest at the Farmer’s Market. Anna went home with the prize! Better luck next time, Jason.

Come on out and join us at the Union County Farmer’s Market every Saturday on Old Smokey Road.  The market runs from June to September and is open from 7am until 1pm.

For more information on special events (like watermelon eating contests!), visit www.ucfarmersmarket.com.  Hope to see you there!

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